Service Level Agreement

(Last Updated: 15/2/2023)

Uptime Guarantee

Bytebaked guarantees 99.9% uptime availability for our VPS services. Uptime is defined as the percentage of time in a calendar month that the server is available and responsive to the Internet. If we fail to meet this uptime guarantee, we will credit your account for the downtime.

Credit Policy

If Bytebaked fails to meet the uptime guarantee, clients may claim 4% of the monthly cost every 1 hour without exceeding 50% of the monthly invoice value.

To claim credit for any downtime that falls under our SLA, please open a support ticket (you must be logged in) within 48 hours of the issue being resolved. The ticket should be opened in the Claim SLA department. Any credit that is granted will be applied directly to your account and cannot be exchanged for any form of currency or refunded. Thank you for your understanding.


The uptime guarantee and credit policy do not apply to any downtime caused by any of the following reasons:

- Scheduled maintenance that has been communicated to clients via Email and/or Discord channel.

- Client's actions, such as misconfigurations or custom scripts that cause server instability or crashes.

- DDoS attacks, network attacks, or other malicious activities that are beyond our control.

- Issues with client's internet connectivity, hardware, or software.